Important Notice
The 4th Washington DC festival in spring of 2018, originally scheduled on April 4-6, is postponed.
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Place: Washington D.C. , Kennedy Center Terrace hall.

Address:2700 F St. NW . Washington, DC.20566

Organized by: NPO UNHEARD NOTES Piano para Committee.(U.P.C)
Cooperation: New Heritage Theatre Group ( New York)
229 west 135th Street
New York City NY 10030

(Application Form / PDF)


Eligibility &Application Process

UNHEARD NOTES PIANO PARA COMITTIEE (U.P.C) has separate categories Courses A& B Both of them are for the pianists with disabilities; however, their goals are different. Course A is a competition, where the contestants are to play the compulsory piece of music, while Course B is a stage where pianists will play the works of their own choice within a given time to enjoy their performances with the audience.In either course, the applicants will be eliminated by the UNHEARD NOTES PIANO PARA COMMITTIEE in accordance with their performances as well regional fairness, and will be the finalists to perform on the stage in The 4th Washington D.C. UNHEARD NOTES
Piano para in U.S.A. 2018.

1.Musical instrument:
Piano solo, or ensemble is also acceptable, however the Applicant is of main focus, meaning work must reflect the piano as center attention

Participates with disabilities who has a great love music. All ages and nationality welcome.

Please use an attached application form. And send it with other documents necessary as below and a self addressed envelope for
return mail. (Application Form / PDF )

4 .Application material:
(1) Audition videotape.
Send DVD or USB Memory of your recent performance. Repertoire of your choice. 20minutes maximum.
(2) Two photographs for printed program (picture postcard size)
(3) Medical certification. Attach a medical certification of the disability by your medical provider.
(4) optional written essay describing your disability on a separate sheet.
(5) A copy of passport the page with your photo and enclose a copy of the receipt.

5. Application fee:
The 1st" round -30US$ wire transfer the fee from the bank when you mail the documents. Please send the payment by wire transfer to the bank account of UNHEARD NOTES PIANO PARA COMMITTIEE(U.P.C).

The 2nd round -US$150 per course. wire transfer the fee from the bank when you mail the document.

Expenditures: during your stay will be the responsibility of the individual.

6. Application Dates:
Applications will be accepted from September 1-2017, to October 31-2017
Deadline: October 31.2017

The first-round

Course A
When the number of applicants exceeds the quota, participants may be chosen inconsideration of the regional fairness and the time limits for the judgment as well as the materials submitted by the applicants.
Course B
Basically, participants will be decided in order of application in individual countries. When the number of applicants exceeds the quota, participants may be chosen inconsideration of the regional fairness and the time limits for the judgment as well as the materials submitted by the applicants.

Details on the courses, compulsory and the Final Round are in the following section.

1. Application fee and material are nonreturnable with any reason.
2. UNHEARD NOTES PIANO PARA COMMITTIEE(U.P.C) will try to arrange home stay if enough volunteers become available.
Please contact us if you would like to be placed in a home stay.
3. Applicants who require a Visa for entry into U.S.A., please contact the UNHEARD NOTES PIANO PARA COMMITTIEE(U.P.C)
4. As for the disease and the accident traveling and while staying, it is one's own responsibilities.
5. Special financial aid. If the participant is unable to pay the expenses, they can take support by the UNHEARD NOTES Piano para
Committee in the next condition.(round-trip economy air ticket+4 nights accommodation at the Hotel. One caretaker is also
possible. If it is necessary.)
a. One Participant per each country.
b, and has been recommended by a culture/welfare organization or by an institute of music in his/her country.

Courses & Requirements

There are two courses (categories), Course A and Course B. You may apply for either course and it is possible to participate in both Course A and B . However the applicants must prepare different piece for each entry Also it is necessary to pay the application fee for both courses.

Course A
1st Round:
Audition by DVD or USB memory of your recent performance.
Repertoire of your choice (20 minutes maximum)
Deadline: October 30, 2017
Applicants will be notified by mail and fax by November 31 2017.

2nd Round:
Prepare a 6-10minutes arrangement on the piano (either arranged by yourself or others) based on the “America, the Beautiful” (see below forthe music theme)

Please submit the arranged score to the UNHEARD NOTES PIANOPARA COMITTIEE
Deadline: January 1, 2018, Perform: March 1.2018. Washington D.C., Kennedy Center Terrace hall.

All copyright will be reserved with the UNHEARD NOTES PIANO PARA COMMITTIEE(U.P.C).

Final Round:
Open the Public. The Following prize are awarded to the winners in A course based on the arrangements and performances of "America, the Beautiful".

1st, Gold medal with cash prize of US$ 3000
2nd, Silver medal with cash prize of US$ 1500
3rd Bronze medal with cash prize of US$ 1,000
4th Potmac award with cash prize of US$ 500
5th Sakura award with cash prize of US$ 300

To achieve as much fairness possible during UNHEARD NOTES Piano Para, each applicant will be placed into a group of similar disabilities.

They shall perform in one of the categories listed below:
Section A: Mental retardation
Section B: Limbs impairments
Section C: visual impairments
section D: Hearing Impairment and or Communication Impairment
Section E: Divelopmental Disabilities
Section F: Plural Disabilities

Please indicate which section your disability falls into.

Final Round:
open the Public.
※Applicants from section B, Section E are to perform their pieces on Mar.1.2018,
※Applicants from section A,C, Section D,and F,Mar.2 .2018.

Special equipment, any additional usage methods, or supplementary tools (extra pedal, accompanied by tape, etc) applied to and around the piano must be reported to UNHEARD NOTES PIANO PARA COMMITTIEE(U.P.C) beforehand.

Each applications must prepare on their own in regards to self preparation, transportation, installation, and etc.

The following prizes are awarded to the candidates of each category in Course B based on their performances candidates may be awarded
more than one prize.
a-Originality Prize (Criteria: the expressions and methods of playing are original)
b-Technical Prize (Criteria High skill level in the technical aspects)
c-Artistic Prize (for artistry)
d-High achievement prize (medical disability in account)
e- Special prize (Criteria Tb be given to a candidate chosen by the Jury)
f-Audience Prize Response forms made by the audience will be presented to all participants.

All prize winner future musical activities shall be supported by the ' UNHEARD NOTES PIANOPARA COMITTIEE:

Jury Decision
The Jury consisting of musical artiste musical educators, and medical experts with vast knowledge in disabilities and they will deliberate fairly
upon the occlusion of the Final Round to choose the Winner and the Prize recipients. All decisions made by the jury are final.

The Results
The results will be announced officially by the media including Special Information magazines.


NPO UNHEARD NOTES Piano Para committee
Asuka BLDG, 1F, 2-11-5 Suido Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 112-0005 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-5319-1055
Fax: +81-3-6760-4042

Application Form / PDF

The application fee can be paid via Paypal.

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